How to make a set of feathered wings:

This tutorial is both a listing of what I've done to make my wings as well as a compilation of knowledge and information I've discovered from various other sources.
Note - Making these wings has been(and still is) a dynamic process. I am constantly changing and fixing things so some of the images may be from a previous version. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just general feedback, feel free to contact me!

1. Determine size and shape of wing and feathers Show/Hide
2. Creating a Harness and Wing Under-Structure Show/Hide
3. Make feathers Show/Hide
4. Assemble the Wings Show/Hide
5. Coverts In Progress
6. Arm Cover In Progress Show/Hide

Here are some other links I found useful:

The Feather Atlas for looking up measurements of different feathers
Gyrhawk's wing details
Sunnybrook's Realistic Wing Tutorial
I had already decided to try fun foam for my feathers, but seeing some of the wings created by Danielle Hurley showed me it could be what I wanted.
There are also a bunch of links in the "Make Feathers" section for different ideas on how to make fake feathers.


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