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Event Plan

A big clearing at the center of the valley is the perfect spot to set up events.
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Event Plan

Postby silvermoondragon » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:48 pm

Well, I think I should set up some sort of event plan to help me get around to doing things. This will be a sort of general schedule, not necessarily monthly, and mostly just to help me plan stuff to do.

Schedule/Stuff to do:
- Around the first of every month will be some sort of draw, usually for customs, that will be open for around a week, sometimes longer.
- I have a new species of Gryphine pet ready to be revealed, I just have to figure out when and how
- Working on getting a points system for the forum which can be used to buy items and other things.
- Working on the Gryphine Certs
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