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Starcraft 2 Launch Events

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Starcraft 2 Launch Events

Postby silvermoondragon » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:38 pm

So I went to Future Shop late last night to get a copy of Starcraft 2 at midnight. Unfortunately, the game doesn't want to connect to and I can't activate it. I am currently waiting for Blizzard support to email me back, but in the meantime, if someone has any idea on how to resolve this problem, feel free to send me a pm and should your idea work I can offer you a free custom Gryphine.

Anyway, here are the Gryphines available in this event:

Terran Armored Gryphine:
The Terran Armored Gryphine will be given away with a quiz. Send me a pm with the answers to the following Starcraft quiz:

Who was the leader of the United Earth Directorate(UED)?
Who was Arcturus Mengsk before he began the rebellion against the Confederacy?
Who is the Queen of Blades and what happened to her?
What is the name of the Protoss homeworld?
What is the capital city(and planet) or the Terran Dominion?

Winner will be randomly selected from all those who send in a correctly filled out quiz

This will be open until July 31, 7:00 pm EST

Zergling Mimic Gryphine:
The Zergling mimic will be given away in a Scavenger Hunt. Find images (they can be from the web) of the items requested and either post them here in the forum or send them to me as a pm. Here is the list of items:

- a Zergling
- a spiny creature
- insect wings
- something shiny
- acid

The Zergling mimic will be going home with the person who sends in the most interesting/intriguing/creative pictures

This will be open until August 1, 7:00pm EST.

Dark Templar Eastern Gryphine:
The Dark Templar mimic, she's definitely my favourite of the bunch as I love Protoss and Dark Templars, will be given away in a bribe contest. Send me a pm with your bribe and the offer I accept will win the Dark Templar Mimic.

This will also be open until August 1, 7:00pm EST.
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