Welcome to Althala Valley, home of the Gryphines

Gryphines are small intelligent canine-like gryphons with a large variety of colours, patterns, and different traits. Each Gryphine is hand drawn and coloured so each one is unique. They are breedable creatures for you to adopt.

This here is the Valley Wind Pack. They help look after the valley and provide many services to the Gryphines living there. The Gryphine on the left is Perein, the alpha male of his pack and the leader of the Gryphines. His mate, Pracika is on the right and his daughter Aquila is in behind.

This is the Gryphine homepage.
Here you can find all sorts of information about the Gryphines such as: how to adopt one, a searchable database listing all the known Gryphines, lists of currently known species and different traits Gryphines can have, items and what they do, and prices for customs.
Don't forget to stop by the forums, the Gryphines are always holding fun events and today might just be your lucky day.

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