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Most of the Gryphines in the database are already adopted out and have owners so if you would like a Gryphine of your own, you will need to adopt one of your own. To adopt a Gryphine, you can sign up on the Gryphine forums where every once and a while the Gryphines will hold events like draws or contests. Sometimes events are also held on other sites such as PonyIsland (PI) and can be entered there. If you are not a member of these sites, such as PI, and still want to enter the events held there, feel free to send me a pm on the Gryphine forums with your entry. There is also a topic in the events forum with a link to events happening on PI and you can enter there if you'd like.

Once you've adopted Gryphine, he or she needs a home either on your own webpage, on the forum, both, or on your PI presentation if you're a member of PI. If your Gryphine is placed on a webpage, please link back to Althala Valley. If it is placed on a presentation, a link to my presentation is fine.

If you would like to commission a custom Gryphine, check out the customs page and send me a pm on the forum or PI, or send me an email.

Gryphines belong to me, silvermoondragon, so please don't steal the images or edit them without permission.


Appearance and Skills
The Gryphines are small intelligent canine-like gryphons. They are only a little larger than most large breed dogs and they come in many different colours. There are many different traits and species causing a great variety of appearances. Most Gryphines are great fliers, able to do many aerial acrobatics and dodge their way skillfully through trees and other obstacles. Their eyes are sharp enough to see even the smallest details from high in the sky and are especially sensitive to motion.

The Gryphines are omnivores. Meat makes up their main diet but they will also eat plants when meat is scarce or just as an addition to their meals.

Society Structure
Gryphines are content to live alone or in mated pairs. Occasionally, a Gryphine's canine instincts will cause them to form a pack with a alpha male and female along with a few other males or females. In this case, any of the males may mate with any of the females, and this pairing might change during the next mating season. Sometimes a chick may remain in the parent's pack for whatever reason, however, inbreeding rarely occurs as it is generally looked down upon by other members in society.

Being in a pack allows the members to work together in collecting food and raising chicks. This teamwork between members is most noticeable during breeding season as the success rate for breeding raises from the usual 40% rate up to 50%. Any two members in the pack may have a chick, however only one pair in a pack will breed each season in order to provide the best care for the resulting chick. Being raised in a pack usually results in a happier, healthier chick than one raised only by its parents due to the number of individuals helping out; however, you can still have an exceptional set of parents devoted wholly to their chick.

The pack is lead by the alpha male and female, a highly sought-after and respected position. In any situation, their decision is final and carried out by those lower down in the pack structure.

Packs are dynamic and will often re-order and change members. In the case that one member of a pack is unhappy with an alpha’s decision or their situation within the pack, there may be a duel between two Gryphines. These duals rarely involve serious injury and are hardly ever fatal, they are more like a ceremonial display of power and strength than an actual battle. The winner usually ends up taking the position higher up within the pack.. Occasionally the loser will be driven from the pack. Should a new pack result, sometimes some of the members in the old pack will also leave and join the new pack, splitting it. Occasionally, new members, either young Gryphines looking for a pack of their own but not wanting to start one of their own, or those who have chosen to leave their previous pack, will join an established pack. In this case, the new members usually start off at the bottom of their new pack. Occasionally, a pack member may increase or decrease rank without a dual if one member does something out of the ordinary, such as rescuing a chick from danger or putting the pack in danger, that accords them more or less respect than their current position.

Breeding Information and Rules

When Gryphines mate they will lay a clutch of 2-3 eggs that usually hatch a few weeks later. However usually only one of the chicks is strong enough to hatch and reach maturity. The young Gryphine chicks are then raised mostly by the mother and are sometimes aided by the father. When a chick is born within a pack however, the entire pack usually helps raise the young. When the chicks reach maturity at around 3-4 years of age, they will usually leave their parents to build a nest of their own.

A Gryphine requires a nest to raise a chick, somewhere safe and cozy. To make their nests as safe as possible, the Gryphines build them in the tops of the highest trees in the valley. There are many old, abandoned nests around, still in good shape, leftover after the previous owner gave up raising chicks or just decided to build a new nest.

During mating, two Gryphines will engage in a fascinating aerial display of twists and turns, loops and dives to determine the others' worth and readiness to raise Gryphine chicks. If a dance is successful, the pair will land in the nest they had put together or find an unoccupied one and to sleep for an entire day. Shortly afterwards, the female will lay her eggs, surrounding them in cushion of her own down. If not, the pair will go their separate ways, possibly returning together the next breeding season to try once again. If you do not own a Gryphine or do not have two Gryphine of different genders, you may borrow a Gryphine from another owner as long as you have their permission. Gryphines usually have about a 40% fertility rate.

Nest Building Information can be found here

Information on applying for a breeding(when applications are open) can be found here

Althala Valley

Althala Valley is where the Gryphines live. It is a large valley cradled between two mountains with a river snaking its way along the valley floor. The valley contains thousands of trees, mostly coniferous, which the Gryphines will build large semi-spherical nests in. The valley floor is covered with lush soft grass near the river and under the trees but is quite rocky where the river exits the valley.

As well as Gryphine, Althala Valley is also home to various small mammals and birds as well as the occasional wolf pack which will come roving through the valley. Generally there are no confrontations between the Gryphines and these wolf packs.

The weather in the valley is usually sunny and warm, but a sporadic thunderstorm may pass through. The winters get cold enough for snow but usually do not get too far below freezing whereas the summers can get quite hot and you can find most gryphines spending the hottest parts of the day playing around in the river.


So far the Gryphines have been inhabiting the Althala Valley as long as they can remember and have never needed to explore past it's boundaries.


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