Gryphine Species, and pet species

Here is a list of Gryphine species as well as a little bit of information about them.

Regular Gryphine

Requirements: none (default traits are normal wings, normal tail, normal ears, and normal beak)
Rarity: Common
Species Information: These are just regular ordinary Gryphines. They come in many colours and have many different traits.
Abilities: nothing special, although certain traits do give certain abilities.
Breeding: A Regular Gryphine results from the breeding of two Regular Gryphines
Gryphine Mage

Requirements: Mage crest, usually have a mage ball floating around
Species Information: Rare
Species Information: Gryphine Mages are just like ordinary Gryphines, except they have the ability to tap into the magical currents around them which gives them special powers.
Abilities: These abilities are mostly unknown, but all mages are able to construct a mage ball, a visible manifestation of magical energy that appears as a glowing ball of light.
Breeding: There is a 30% chance of a Mage chick when one parent is a Mage, and a 50% chance when two parents are Mages. A Gryphine cannot partially be a Mage, magical abilities(and the mage crest) are either present or not.
Elemental Gryphine

Requirements: usually have traits related to element and usually have a sign of their element, glowing eyes are common but not required.
Rarity: Very Rare
Species Information: Elemental Gryphines are Gryphines that are specifically in tune with their element.
Abilities: An Elemental Gryphine, being in-tune with his or her element has power over that element, and is able to control that element
Breeding: An Elemental Gryphine only results from the pairing of two Elemental Gryphines. A chick may have some elemental powers or features passed on if only one parent is an Elemental, but it is not guaranteed and may be uncontrollable.
Eastern Gryphine

Requirements: no wings, long bodies, and whiskers, some sort of tufted ears or tail.
Rarity: Uncommon
Species Information: Eastern Gryphines were discovered at the far eastern edges of the valley. So far they are the only species of Gryphine that does not have wings.
Abilities: They do not have wings, but instead fly by tapping into the magical currents and using them to fly. They are able to see the currents and how they're moving to kind of attach and have the currents pull them along.
Breeding: An Eastern Gryphine only results from the pairing of two Eastern Gryphines. In the result of an Eastern hybrid without wings, usually the chick's flight is not as strong as a full Eastern chick.

Requirements: none (usually a meld between the two parent species)
Rarity: Bred
Species Information: A hybrid results from the pairing of two different Gryphine species. Usually this causes no problems for the chick and they fit in fine with the rest of the Gryphine society.
Abilities: These depend on the parent species of the hybrid.
Breeding: Hybrids result when two parents of different species breed together.

Here is a list of the current Gryphine pet species:

The Nuclin are bat-like creatures with large black eyes, double wings, fin-like ears, and a strong forked tail for holding onto things.
The Amarin are small scaled creatures with sticky frog-like toes, a short stubby tail, and flaps of skin used for gliding.


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